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Some basic idea to domain...
by grandname
05-23-2020, 06:04 AM
How do you increase your ...
by Arise
05-23-2020, 05:57 AM
Which marketplace do you ...
by Arise
05-23-2020, 05:54 AM
Getting started in Domain...
by Arise
05-23-2020, 05:51 AM

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Question How do you increase your portfolio?
Posted by: mayowa - 04-22-2020, 11:28 AM - Forum: Expiry Stream - Replies (4)

I am starting this thread to open up a discussion where each of us could learn and improve on methods of increasing domain portfolio. Regardless of what niche you deal in, you can share insight of what works for you.

I am attaching a poll to this thread to see which method works best - That's the  purpose of the poll. Meanwhile the sole aim of the thread is to share what works best for you and how. Please be simple as possible so that newbies can clearly understand your method and learn. 

So, back to the question, tell us how you increase your portfolio. We are all attentive to learn from you because you are a hero.  Smile Smile Heart

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Photo Which marketplace do you prefer?
Posted by: Arise - 04-05-2020, 09:19 AM - Forum: Domain Marketplace - Replies (4)

The joy of domaining is to get someone to buy your domain name at a reasonable price. We have several marketplace but the popular ones are:


So which marketplace has gained your trust in terms of sales and cash-out? You can share your experience and why you prefer that marketplace. There is also a poll for this, feel free to cast your vote.


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Information Getting started in Domain investment
Posted by: Arise - 03-28-2020, 02:30 PM - Forum: Beginners' Section - Replies (2)

[Image: AZuV5PH.jpg]
When getting started in domaining, there is always a tendency of anxiety, beyond the normal sense. The $xxx xxx sales report of some people could make a newbie become too overwhelm that he will decide to look for names to buy. 

In doing this, the inexperience register many junks unknowingly. He still have strong faith and courage that his names will sell in a matter of days just like the person that reported his wonderful sale. Unfortunately, sales doesn't come and those names are heading to expiration, then comes frustration and the conclusion that domaining is not real. Yes, the anxiety to make money quickly is a natural thing that happens to all men however experience inculcates a better behaviour or attitude. 

Do you care to share some tips to overcome newbie anxiety? Please feel free to air your points to save a fellow. 

I was also a victim of this. Though I read for months on domain investment, I didn't get any write up which told me this part at that time. All I see and read is how I can make $xxx xxx within weeks of domaining. Well, this doesn't discourage me much as I have determined to earn a living via a legal online means. 

Few points for thought for new entrants:
- Remember it's an investment, and as such the average period should be a year.
- Keep reading and learning from online platforms 
- Don't view it at first as a full time endeavour
- Ask questions, don't be shy or timid
- Don't register too many names at first even if you have the money
- Get to know tools and how to use them e.g.  tools for outbounding. 
- If you often see someone make sales, ask how he does it, and what you are missing.

- I am skeptical to add 'stick to a niche.' If that works for you fine, but as you grow you might begin to understand how domain names work and how to invest in them, so you might want to invest in more than one niche, type or extension. 

- And don't forget to make friends you will gain from them. 

Many points but I will stop here for others to make contributions. Together we learn enough to stand. 


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Thumbs Up Some basic idea to domaining
Posted by: Arise - 03-25-2020, 04:42 AM - Forum: General Domain Discussion - Replies (5)

Sometimes it is good to check into archives to get past but ever green information.

I stumbled on a two years old post by one RobM on DNForum.com

Below are some parts of the post: 

I see people entering the market and making basic startup mistakes. This is normal and is part of the learning process but below are a list of ideas I've formulated in the 16ish years I've been buying and selling domains.

1) Have an idea what you can do with a domain when you register it. If you think it has resale value think of your target buyers. If you think it can be developed and monetised know in what area and how you're going to go about it. If you cannot think of a reason *don't* register it. 'Brandable' is a meaningless term applied to domains with no meaning - these types of sales are incredibly rare.

2) If you are selling via a forum remember estibot or any other appraisal tools are very seldomly an indication of its value. A domain is worth what a buyer will spend and a seller will accept. Quoting values from automated tools suggests that you have no idea what it's worth to you and therefore your expectations will be unrealistically high - such quotes are a red flag to serious experienced resellers.

3) You will get higher prices in an enduser sale. This seems pretty obvious but there are many people with freshly registered domains who attempt to sell on forums for enduser prices. You are better approaching potential buyers directly and individually. Although you are at a slight disadvantage as you have made the first move you will likely sell for higher than resell value - which is what forums are for. The rule for value is usually : enduser approaching you > you approaching enduser > forum. Of course forum is liquidity and you can quicker sell a domain.

4) If you are selling a developed website bear in mind people will really only be interested in the traffic and revenue. Unless the domain is outstanding you should value the sale at a multiple of the revenue and any additional costs you have spent getting it succesful. Generic constant traffic commands a higher price than trends in quick moving markets.

5) Understand what goes into a domain to give it value if it doesn't have immediate obvious resell advantages. The argument 'ebay have a made-up word and their domain is worth millions' doesn't cut it when you can take any made-up word, spend MILLIONS marketing it, and give it value if it provides a needed or wanted service. You likely haven't spent that on a fresh registration from two days ago.

6) Constantly adapt and evolve. What worked a decade ago doesn't work anymore. What works last year most likely is not the best way to do things now. Keep abreast of the market and its movement.

7) Stick to .coms, established old extensions, or in some cases ccTlds (country codes relevant to the market). Yes there have been a couple of good sales in other extensions such as .top, .club, .banana etc but these are tiny compared to the amount of speculators. You have more chance of selling a worse .com than an excellent gtld.

Read more about the thread

You can teach others your brilliant ideas too by posting your thoughts. All thoughts are welcome. At the end we all want to learn

Thank you,


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